Faculty & Research
Yongming Dai
Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication
M.A. Supervisor


Yongming Dai was born in Shanghai in 1957. He studied in the Department of Chinese at East China Normal University from 1979 to 1983. Thereafter, he taught in SJTU and now is an associate professor at the Department of Journalism and Communication. He serves as the Academic Adviser for Chinese Computer-Mediated Communication Studies, an editorial board member of Computer-Mediated Communication Teaching Materials for College Journalism, and a Guest Editor of Higher Education Press.


Research Projects and Publications

He has published more than 10 books and teaching materials, such as Confucianism in the Pre-Qin Period, Cyber Ethics and Regulations, Communication Regulations and Ethics. Moreover, he has published more than 10 academic articles. Main selected papers include Freedom and Self-discipline – A Discussion on Cyber Communication Ethics, Public Voice: A Kind of Social Supervision based on Cyber Technology.


Research Interests

Communication Ethics and Regulations